We Provide a Variety of Dental Hygiene Services To Our Patients!

Services We Offer


Visit includes a medical and dental history, oral cancer/head and neck cancer assessment & screening, periodontal and oral & dental assessment. All findings will be discussed and if you need to be referred to a dentist we can always assist with this.


We have Intra oral & panoramic digital x rays to assist with assessing the supporting structures around your teeth as well as your teeth health.

Implant retained prosthesis/dentures

We will work with your oral surgeon or dentist to create an implant retained prosthesis (denture) to replace the missing teeth.


The use of power or scaling instruments to clean the soft and hard deposits. Scaling or cleaning them off your teeth above and below your gums to reduce gum disease and cavities in your teeth.


Using a polishing paste and electric instrument to remove soft deposit or stain on the surfaces of your teeth above and below your gums. 


A gel or varnish form of fluoride application to strengthen your teeth to help prevent tooth decay.


If you have sensitive teeth with cleaning you may want to consider desensitizing. This is a topical applications of an agent to help reduce teeth sensitivity during your cleaning and may last months after the application.


This is a very important part of your appointment to help each patient reach their best overall oral health. OHI is the best way for us to help you at home to be able to take care of your teeth and gums in between your appointments. We want to find what inspires you and make sure we find what produces or resources works best for you.


A digital 3D scan is taken to create trays to apply your zoom whitening gel – applied to your desired shade for your teeth. We recommend you have your teeth before whitening for best results.

Intraoral scanning

An oral scan is taken to make a 3D intraoral scan of your teeth. This can be used for OHI to show your teeth and gums on the scan. It can be used to print 3D models of your teeth to create a sports guard, night guard or many different prosthesis.

Sport/mouth guards

Used to protect your teeth during sports. 

Night guard

Used to protect your teeth from wear due to clenching or grinding at night. Milled in office using 3D Technology.

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